Why co-locate with SAP-Centric EAM?

Asset management is nothing without supply chain. Whether the asset people want to build an asset, dispose it, service it or repair it, bring contractors on-site or send rotables off-site for repair, they need their materials and logistics people and processes involved, and the better you and they understand each other’s needs and work together, the better the outcome you will achieve.
Simply put, effective management of materials, services and inventory is an essential prerequisite to effective asset management.

As a materials and logistics professional, the value of visiting the SAP-Centric EAM conference is the opportunity to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by those battling every day to keep the assets operating efficiently and effectively, give you some insight into the opportunities that they have to better define and plan their demands on their materials and logistics teams, and how your behaviors and actions can positively influence their ability to achieve your organization’s overall asset management objectives.

These two co-hosted conferences present companies using SAP with best practice thinking, and tips and tricks on how to manage and maintain assets, supply materials, inventory and services to get the job done. Join us in any of the 7 tracks on offer to understand how to perform better and how to recognize what is happening for your colleague next door.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest to the SAP-Centric EAM conference streams when you register for SAP-Centric Materials & Logistics – one ticket gets you access to both shows!